About Us

As the years go by and the shadows go deep, my desire grows intense, for the well being of 'Saraswati Vidyalya' my vision, mission and goal for a full fledged school with modern facilities come closer to my heart.

We have come along way from the birth of this organisation. The difference between ordinary and extra ordinary is that little extra with this aim of giving best to our children. Shri P. D. Nigam, Philanthropist and educationist laid the foundation of Saraswati Balika Inter College in the year 1956. Progression is the call of the day. We believe in Hi-tech modernisation of the school, world standards and pragmatic exposure. We deside to go in for our expansion programmes in the field of education.

The foundation of Saraswati Balika Inter College at panki was laid in the year 1999, it was like dream coming true in the field of education when the foundation of Saraswati Maha Vidyalaya was laid by Shri Shyam Nigam in year 2000.

Let us dwell on education as a whole,one which we lay emphasis and stress on in our schools and college "Education makes people easy to lead but difficult to drive, easy to grovern but impossible to ensalve", as said by Lord Broungham.

True education is theDrawing out of mental facilities that are so essantial for serving in the field of education in real sense Grand son of Late Shri P. D. Nigam, education center (To be affiliated to I. C. S. E.) in the year 2005, we would like to give a message to our teachers who prepare our blossming buds into our future citizens for some objectives that, TEACHING IS NOT A PROFFESSION IT IS A PASSION. The chances of success in any under taking can always be measured by one's belief in one self. Thus some how we believe that all hights can be scaled by a man who knows the secret of making dreams come true.

Shyam Ji
Nigam Seceratry