To provide inclusive education for inculcating human values, professionalism and scientific instillation to all sections of students including scheduled tribes, scheduled castes, other backward communities and religious minorities with special focus to female students.


  • To provide ample scope for multifaceted development of students irrespective of religion, race, caste and place.
  • To provide and promote inclusive education for all.
  • To develop a sense of commitment and accountability in the students.
  • To develop academic programmes based on local/regional/national/global needs.
  • To pursue students-centric learning for self-development and skill development among students.
  • To empower female students by providing conducive atmosphere and ample opportunities to grow.


    The stated vision and mission statements through its action plans and relevant activities.
  •  Orientation session which is held just after admission process is over.
  •  Prospectus and magazine.
  •  It is displayed on the college website
  • It is circulated through media coverage during various college events and activities
  • It is also circulated through workshops, seminars, conferences and exhibitions.